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Photo of Carlos MotaI'm a Web Designer with an academic degree in Audiovisual Communication and I own some courses in the area of Web Design, Multimedia, Web Programming and Databases.
I have a passion for Art in a variety of artistic genres, and in the last decade I focused more in this brave new world of the Internet and, in particular, in Web Design.
If you are a geek or a Web professional may interest you to know more about My Knowledge.
I develop works for clients as a freelancer and also personal projects in four main areas: Web Design, Audiovisual, Multimedia, Graphic Design.
I describe in more detail the services that I provide in each of these areas in the respective menus below.
About me I can say very briefly that I'm a perfectionist, methodical and organized. My perfectionism reaches a level that in the area of Web Design could be called pixel-maniac (a pixel misaligned messes with me!).
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Web Design

Formation and Services


I have the course of Senior Technician of Web Design and the course of Web Programming and Databases.
A decade of experience working, studying, researching and procrastinating on the Internet universe.
The whole design of the carlosmota.eu website was created by me, Carlos Mota, including all the elements that compose it, such as the MP3 player in Javascript and CSS3.
You can view a detailed description of the design of this site in Website Design of carlosmota.eu.
You can access this site through the address carlosmota.eu or carlosmota.pt.


  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Networks APIs
  • Semantic Web
  • Mobile


Formation and Services


I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication Technology.
The formation encompassed the areas of photography, video, film, sound, in analog and digital media.
With the conversion of analog to digital world over the last decade, and with the Internet becoming a platform of mandatory attendance in today's world, the crossing of the Audiovisual with the Web Design and the Multimedia is an inevitable trend and increasingly pronounced.A Walk Into The Office Space
You can see a video related to this site on A Walk Into The Office Space, by clicking the thumbnail on the right.


  • Image and Sound Capturing
  • Editing and Post-Production
  • Video Company in DVD and HTML5 / Flash / QT for the Web
  • Commercial Videos to YouTube
  • Statistics on the Video Viewing
  • Web Series


Formation and Services


I have the course of Multimedia Content Creation.
The Multimedia basically encompasses all media, although we can classify Web Design, Graphic Design and Audiovisuals as means with specific characteristics and hence I have separated these three areas of this more comprehensive classification that is Multimedia.
Also I have specific training in each of these areas, so it made perfect sense to separate these four areas.Learn How to Make Comics
You can see an example of multimedia in Learn How to Make Comics, by clicking the thumbnail on the right.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Static or Animated Custom Banner (Flash / GIF / PNG)
  • CD-Card e CD-Rom (text, photos, video, sound)
  • Virtual Catalog of Products (PDF)
  • Electronic Manual (PDF)
  • Virtual Tour

Graphic Design

Formation and Services


Despite having taken a course in graphic design many years ago, I gave up the course early and only more recently I have returned my interest to this area, mainly due to the printing press. You can see an example of this interest in graphic design through typography, in my representation of the Typographic Man by Marshall McLuhan.
Through the middle I still had a business of textiles label printing, which was somewhat connected to the area, although in the creative point of view was limited.
Thus, the real return to graphic design was done by my interest in early printing, returning to the Guttenberg techniques, that is, to printing press.
You can see a description of this type of printing and the work that I execute in Printing Press.
In the services listed below I can create the graphic design and make letterpress or execute only letterpress if you provide me the design that you want ready to print.
Paper Business Card As an example of graphic design services and letterpress printing you can view my own paper Business Card, by clicking the thumbnail on the right.


  • Business Card
  • Company Logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Placard
  • Bookmark, Label
  • Menu, Marker Table
  • Wedding Invitation, Gala Invitation, Missal
  • Thank You Card, Baby Shower Card, Christening Card

Social Networks

Me on Social Networks

I will accept all personal and business invitations that are addressed to the Social Networks below and of which I am part, unless they are of companies unrelated to the areas of my business.
My presence on Social Networks is easily identifiable by the logo that I use as a portrait, which is common to this website and each of the Social Networks.

Me, Website

Website Description


This fantabulastic website is of Business Card style and the card online is equal to the card on paper, but the digital card shows multiple menus with dynamic content and features that in the card on paper (still) are not possible to display.
The image on the right is a thumbnail of the photo card paper. Paper Business Card Click on thumbnail to view full size photos.
I have got a creative and original website, because I know no equal, but in millions of existing websites is possible I missed one or another.


Normally I'm curious about the creative process behind the websites with better design and I think better achieved, but there are few authors that describe this process.
I believe there will be many other Web Designers (and not only) with curiosity in this area, so I worked out a detailed description of the creative process behind this website in Website History of carlosmota.eu


The whole design of the carlosmota.eu website was created by me, , including all the elements that compose it.
Besides the description of the creative process expressed in the 'Website History of carlosmota.eu', I also describe in detail the design elements that make up this website in Website Design of carlosmota.eu.


This website was created with HTML5 and CSS3. So should preferably be viewed in a modern browser that supports these languages, as are the Chrome 31, Firefox 26, Opera 18, Safari 7 or Internet Explorer 11.
This is the topic that provides a good time to talk to nerds, but will cause sleep to most of the girls.
Find more information on the subject in Website Languages of carlosmota.eu


For the average Internet user most of the features existing on this website are intuitive and easy to grasp.
But the general population does not fit all in the level of the average user, so here I provide a little help for those less versed in the use of Web.
Maybe even the average user discover in this reading some functionality or curiosity it has gone unnoticed in Website Help of carlosmota.eu


All complementary information is displayed in additional custom windows.
The links which open these windows are dispersed in more than one menu, so in this topic are listed all these links in order to provide easier access, without need to look at each menu where certain additional information is.

You can simultaneously view all windows open or all minimized, getting an interesting visual effect, View of all Windows as can be seen in the preview on the right. Click on thumbnail to view images in large size.



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