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MenuThe menu of this site consists of 11 topics, which are visible after opening (expanding) the card. The menu is of the accordion type and clicking on a topic it opens showing its contents.
Clicking on a topic he opens and another closes if open. Double clicking a topic closed, it opens and then closes.
In addition to the contents of this menu, there is also a bar above the menu, consisting of several buttons, where you can choose a different language of reading of the one selected automatically as well as a theme of viewing the site other than the main theme.
If you move the mouse pointer over the icon 'i' (information) you will see a description about these buttons.

Icons and Buttons

Icons and ButtonsTo see an explanation of each element of this website, hover your mouse pointer over each of the icons and buttons, and the mouseover tooltip arises with its caption.
The tooltips are in 3 colors, one for each type of tooltip: Links - Black; Information - Grey; Boxes Form - Dark goldenrod.
The links constituted by text or icons or buttons have an effect of low relief, that the mouseover turns into high relief.
In the case of the MP3 player buttons, the mouseover effect is similar to pressing a real button.


LanguageThe selection of the language used in the texts of the website is automatically done on the server side, but you can change it by clicking on the relevant language in the area above the menu, where you see the buttons: EN | ES | PT.
You have at your disposal three languages: EN - English, ES - Spanish, PT - Portuguese.


ThemesYou can change the theme of the website by clicking on the relevant topic in the area above the menu, where you see the buttons: PA | PL | TR.
The default theme is 'Paper', but you can select one of three themes available: PA - Paper, PL - Plastic, TR - Translucent.
Besides these three themes is a 4th theme, but that is not available in the bar of the themes. This 4th theme designated 'Transparent' doesn't have a button, but a link which is at a specific place on the card. The description of its location is in the text of one of the windows, so if you read the contents of each window you will certainly find this link that applies the theme 'Transparent'.
Perhaps the theme 'Transparent' is even the better, but this is a very subjective question. I prefer the theme 'Paper', so that is the main theme, but I like the 4 themes.
As an incentive to discover this 4th theme I give here the information about a feature not mentioned anywhere in the site and that significantly changes the design of the site, allowing the desk image to become invisible. This feature is enabled through the information (i) icon of the themes, simply by clicking on the (i) icon located on the right side of the buttons themes. Clicking again on the icon makes the desk image visible. So you can visualize each of the themes with or without the background picture desk.


Windows The windows with additional information can be dragged and placed on the desk as individual cards by simply clicking the title zone and, without releasing the button, dragging to the desired location.
In the upper right corner of each window you have buttons that allow you to minimize and close the window.
Is obtained an interesting visual effect if you minimize all windows and dispose them by the secretary, as small cards presentation.
You can also view all open windows simultaneously.


MobileThis website is ready for viewing on mobile devices.
I use the concept of Responsive Design, adjusting the layout to different platforms and resolutions using CSS3 and a flexible design.